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Precise measuring is vital to the functionality and look of your doors and drawer fronts. Make sure to measure everything as many times as needed to get the proper dimensions for your needs.

  • We build items to within 1/16 inch.
  • All measurements should be to an precision of 1/16 of an inch.
  • List all measurements as width x height. Example: 12 3/16 x 22 5/8
  • You must read and follow instructions on your mounting hardware and make any adjustments to ordered product sizes as necessary.

Using an existing item

If you are replacing existing doors and/or drawer fronts and reusing your hinges you can just measure them.

  • Make sure that you have good straight areas to get your measurements.
  • If the item you are measuring is swollen, chipped, or broken consider measuring the opening (see below).
  • Looking at the item in its installed orientation measure width from left to right and height from top to bottom.

Using the opening

  • You must know the overlay dimension of the hinges you will use.
  • For an opening that will have one door.
    1. Measure the opening from left to right. This is the opening width.
    2. Determine the total overlay by taking the overlay dimension for your hinge and multiply by two (2)
    3. Add the opening width to the total overlay. This is the width of the door.
    4. Write down the width of the door.
    5. Measure the opening from top to bottom. This is the opening height.
    6. Add the opening height to the total overlay. This is the height of the door.
    7. Write down the height of the door after the width. Width x Height.
    8. Repeat for all openings.
  • For an opening that will have two doors. (meet in the middle)
    1. Measure the opening width.
    2. Add the total overlay. (see above)
    3. Subtract 1/8 inch. (the gap between the two doors)
    4. Divide by two. This is the width of each door.
    5. Measure opening height
    6. Add total overlay to opening height. This is the height of the two doors.